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Why I should talk with others every day?

  • Today, more than ever, we live in a connected world. Technology allows us to build real relationships in many countries at once, and that’s creating immense opportunity for those with the right skills. People worldwide need to understand with different cultures in the course of their work and travels.
    Multilingual talent is the most valuable ability.

How can I improve my Rate?

  • More Peer Exchange, more rates for you. We really recommend you, setup up more types of fee for same language and / or different 'Levels'. Our members find different topic, levels and so on. If you have more types of fee you have bigger chance you will be listed on Members search list.

How can I improve my Popularity?

  • Popularity level shows your activity on the website.
    We bring up your popularity level if,

    • you are online and available very often, this is the most important part on popularity system,
    • you have really good rates and comments,
    • you have photos and videos, and another people likes or shares, so we really recommend upload more photos and videos,
    • you send and received gift very often,
    • you have more 'language - fee' card, so we really recommend add more fee card with more topic.
    • you invite more friends and you use our affiliate system.

Why lower my Popularity score if I do not visit the site frequently?

  • The people prefer that Member who is active and online. When the members search we show the best search results, we prefer the online and active Members. So visit the Site every time as you can!

How do I remove saved login information from my browser?

More language topic, more 'Peer Exchange'.

  • Some members seeking something unique, specific topic or special knowledge.

    Upload more Business Card version and fill up the title and description details. If you want you can use different fee on every Business Card and  set up Free or Credits fees.

    Here is some title example:

    • Culture
    • History
    • Role Play: Using Real Everyday Situations
    • Tips for Successful Career Planning
    • Etc…

    Don't forget, you can use this site language practice or knowledge share or both.

Security Tips

  • Protect your password:

    • Never share your password. You should be the only one who knows it.
    • Avoid including your name or common words. 
    • Your password should be difficult to guess.

    Make sure your email account(s) are secure.

    Log out of Peer Language when you use a computer you share with other people.

    Run anti-virus software frequently on your computer.

    Think before you click or download anything.


Why should I set up more languages?

  • Most of our members use our languages` filter. If you do not set up your native or study languages may be they will not find you.