Help – Subscription Back

Why do I see blurry images?

  • Some features are only available for premium subscribers, if you want to see who is interested about you try one of our premium package.

Where do I get my subscription?

  • You find your available subscriptions under the Subscription menu or click settings icon on right side next to the name and choose Subscription menu.


Why do I need to start my subscription?

  • Perhaps another members purchased a subscription for you or you've purchased a subscription for yourself but you have a current Subscription or you won one under our Affiliate program and so on, so you do not have to worry that is started a new package automatically while is your current subscription is still valid.

I have a current subscription, can I start a new?

  • Yes. When you launch a new Subscription, but the your current Subscription is still available, the remaining days in the current Subscription will be lost.

What does it mean Pending Subscriptions?

  • These subscriptions you or others have purchased, but you have not activated yet. These subscriptions will take effect when you press the start button.

What does it mean Service Fee?

  • If you sell your knowledge ( you've set up your fee card by Peer Coins ) and another Members call you on your Fee card with Peer coins, we will charge your income Peer Coins with Service Fee, this is our commission. We don't charge your communications with Service Fee if you speak by Free.
    This percentage depends on your actually Subscription. If you want lower percentage you need upgrade your subscription type or use our Affiliate system.