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What does it mean Peer Search?

  • Peer Search is when you find a language partner who has complementary language skills to you. If you want find a member with something special attribution, you can use our search filter.

How to make friends?

  • Use the Peer Search. When you see a Member profile that interests you, you can send a peer request (you need to sign up first). If the Member accepted your peer request you can start your Peer Exchange.

Why I can not send a message or use Peer Exchange immediately with a Member who is not my “Friend”?

  • Imagine the situation, you are walking in the busy city and everybody start talking with you in same time. In the virtual life on the Site more intensive. Some Member want check your profile and/or your rates before start any conversations with you and maybe you are same as these Members. So you do not forget fill up and update your profile, upload videos and pictures yourself.

What can I do if I want more accepted friend request?

  • You do not forget fill and update your profile, upload videos and pictures yourself.

    • Fill up in your profile every information as you can.
    • Show your "best face" on the pictures, do not upload too much pictures without you.
    • Make a video "introduce yourself". Check this example video.

    • Send a Gift and grab the Member attention.
    • Improve your popularity score.
    • Visit the Site every time as you can. The people prefer that Member who is active and online.
    • Improve your Rate.

Why can't I add someone as a friend?

  • Once you’ve sent someone a peer request, you can't send them another one. If requests you send go unanswered or you may be blocked from sending peer requests. If you want to add someone as a peer friend but you've previously blocked them, you'll need to unblock them before you can send them a peer request.

What's with the limit on the number of people I can send Peer request / day ?

  • To help reduce the amount of spam on this site, we have instituted several limits on the number of new contacts that members can initiate per day. This means that there is a limit on the number of new people you can contact. You can upgrade your daily under the Subscription menu.

How can I send more Peer request / day ?

Why can't I use some 'Peer Search' filter options?

  • You can use some search function if you are premium member. You can upgrade this function under the Subscription menu.