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How can I invite my friends?

  • Sign in to Peer Language.
    Click settings icon on right side next to the name and choose "Send an invitation" option and choose one of them. The invitation will send your personal referral link, if you friends will register from your personal link you will earn Credits. Repeat this action as you can do and earn more Credits. Everyone who registered yourself on the basis of an invitation sent by you, immediately 0.1 Credits  means to you. Invite constantly your new friends, acquaintances, workmates, etc as this can also increase that you win our competition to the current Incentive Bonus.



What does it mean Personal Video?

  • The personal video introduction to help for more people to find on you. Watch our sample video, it is about what should be included.

    If your video meets the following conditions, you will receive an additional 1 Credits. 

    The video should sound in it: Exclusively on peerlanguage.com

    Share your own profile video link at least one of your any social media.

    Do not forget set up as your profile video.

What should I do if I want lower Service Fee?

  • The basic service fee depends for your membership type. Upgrade your membership and you will enjoy the lower basic service fee.

    Share your profile link on any popular social media sites and we will reduce your Service Fee 0.2% for the next month. Share on more type of social media and it will reduce additional 0.2%. Do not forget repeat this process every month and you will enjoy the reduced service fee benefits. Each month will be calculated based on the previous month's activity. 

What should I do, if I want Credits Reward For Simple Share?

  • Sign in on Peer Language. Share another Members profile, photos, videos and anything where you find a share button on the Site and you'll get Credits. These shares will be checked, so if you used banned tools such as robots, you will be banned immediately. Every share means 0.01 Credits for you.

    Do not forget wait the share process or maybe we can identify your share. Check your browser settings java scripts and cookies preferences or maybe we can identify your share.