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How people will get money through on Peer Language?

  • You need setup your fee under your 'Profile - Business Card' section. You can create different type of fees business card as many as you want. If somebody call you we will charge their every minutes as you talk. If you have finished the peer exchange communication you will see on your Credits  history and your new Credits  immediately available for you.
    If you setup more languages, more type of Business cards, more topics you have better chance when somebody find their new partners.

What should I do if a Member asks me to pay outside of Peer Language or ask for payment directly?

  • Please report Members that do this go to the "member profile" and use the Report to admin button or contact our Customer  Service

    This is a serious violation of the Peer Language Terms & Privacy Policy.

    This behavior is potentially dangerous for Members for the following reasons:

    • If you pay the member directly outside of the Peer Language system, you may be at risk that the Member does not deliver. Peer Language ensures that your funds are delivered only when you use the Member Service. That’s mean you will pay when you will use our communication system. If you have complaint for Member Service delivery we can`t help you.
    • You need share your private contact details, be careful if somebody wants know your personal details.
    • No rate: There is no way for the Members to leave feedback. You will lose the additional benefits. If you haven't too much rate, another members will not find you easily. 

What not to do on Peer Language?

    • Don't verbally abuse other users. You should behave the same way on Peer Language as you would in real life. Be nice to people you meet online, like you would be face to face. Ask inappropriate questions or send inappropriate messages. You need follow our Terms rules.
    • Don't pretend you're someone you're not. We ask that you use your real name, photo and info in your profile. Don't pretend to be someone else or set up a profile as a couple or group.
    • Don't post your contact details in public. Please don't post your phone number, address, email or website URL in your profile more than allowed. This will lead to too many people trying to contact you or to more email spam.
    • Don't upload tasteless and pornographic material. Post naked, semi-nude, suggestive, or scantily clad photos of yourself or anyone else. There are places you can go to upload porn and shocking images and video, but this isn't one of them, so please don't do it. That doesn't mean you can't be sexy in your photos, just know what the limits are.
    • Don't do anything illegal on our site. We don't look kindly on illegal activity on Peer Language, so you'll certainly be banned from the site, and may end up being reported to the authorities.
    • Do not spam our Members. Do not try to sell products, other sites on Peer Language. Do not use Peer Language to promote competing commercial interests.
    • Do not try to scam people by asking for their email address, bank account number, home address, or other sensitive information. You'll be banned straight away.


     You need follow our Terms rules. If you think a Member do not follow these rules report us immediately!

What should I do if I'm being harassed?

  • Block the user if you think this member just too "enthusiastic" but if this member violation our Terms you need report this Member immediately.

    The members can't use the Peer Exchange communication system, before you accept their peer request. If you have a peer request from a Member who is that you want blocked, you need use the block button on the Member profile. If you already a friends this member, you need delete your friends relationship. Open your Profile / Friends section and click the edit button. Choose the Member and click the member`s delete icon.

How can I report a Member?

  • Go to the "Member Profile" section and use the “Report to admin” button. Select why you report and leave comment. Use english language.

Why I need From and Lives in location?

  • Our system use your `Lives in` location when you use your calendar timezone settings. If you don't  set up your `Lives in` section, don't worry we automatic fill up from your `From` settings.

What does it mean the 'Language - sublanguage' ?

  • Some language really popular on all over the world, but a little different when they speak. Example the english almost the most popular language in the world, but it has a little different in United States, United Kingdom or Australia, and so on. We try give a chance if you know your sublanguage fill up. Some of our Members wants practice a specific sublanguage.

I don't find a language or sublanguage. What should I do?

  • There are roughly 6,500 spoken languages in the world today and you have chance practice a couple thousand extinct languages, sign languages or fantasy languages on Peer Language. Some languages have more than one accepted "name", so try to find more than one version. If you don`t find a language or sublanguage use the search option under the `Language - Edit` section when you set up your language ability. If you haven't find it contact our Customer Service.

What does it mean the 'Professional Teacher'?

  • Professional teachers are people who have taught a language professionally or received training as a professional educator. We don't verify every 'Professional Teacher' so please check the Members 'Rates'.

What does it mean the 'Upload Member Balance' button?

  • You can upload your friends` Credits  balance or purchase a premium subscription.

    Some Members use this feature like leave a 'Tip' for another Members, especially when these Members helped by Free.

Why is important to upload a 'introduce myself video'?

  • We don't know each other! The most people want more information about you,  before they start any conversation.

    Here is a sample video, but you can upload any kind of introduce myself video.

How do I find my Profile page link?

    1. Sign in to Peer Language.
    2. Click settings icon on right side next to the name and choose 'Edit my profile'
    3. You can copy your 'Profile page link' in the Default section.

I noticed my profile has been modified without my knowledge. Why?

  • We modify one's profile only when our rules are not respected. We also care about the site's general image.

Why am I getting a Peer Language invitation email from a friend?

  • You received this email because a Peer Language member is inviting you to join Peer Language. Peer Language allows people to send invitations to their contacts.
    If you don't have a Peer Language account and would like to create one, you can use your invitation email to start the registration process or you can use the sign up button on the page above right corner.

Where can I find my settings?

  • To find your settings, click  in the top right of your Peer Language page and select Settings icon. Some settings you can reach direct on your Profile page if you use the "Edit" button.

How can I delete my profile?

    1. Sign in to Peer Language.
    2. Click settings icon on right side next to the name and choose 'Edit my profile'.
    3. 'Click the "delete account" button in the Default section.

What's the difference between sign in and sign up (registration) ?

  • Sign Up (registration)

    If you don't have a Peer Language account, you can sign up for one in a few steps. To sign up for a new account, enter your email address and password into the form on www.peerlanguage.com. 


    Sign In

    If you already have a Peer Language account, you can sign in your account from the same page. To sign in, enter your email address and password at the top of the page and click Sign In button.