Help – Credits Back

How do I purchase Credits?

How can I pay by Credits?

  • When you purchase something on the website you need use the 'Buy with Credits' button. 

Can I transfer my Credits to a friend? 

  • Yes, you can upload another Members Credits balances or their subscriptions. 

How people will get money through this website?

  • You need setup your fee under your 'Profile Business Cards' section. You can create different type of Business card as many as you want. If somebody call you we will charge their every minutes as you talk. If you have finished the peer exchange communication you will see on your Credits history and your new Credits immediately available for you.

What does it mean the 'Service Fee'?

  • If you make Credits income we charge your traffic. The service fee depends your Membership subscription or you can earn discount if you user our affiliate system.

How can I withdraw my Credits?

  • Visit your Credits  withdraw menu and fill out the form.

    Minimum amount to withdraw is 20 Credits .

    With a bank transfer there will be additional costs on top of the Credits  Sell Fee. We will check if it is possible for us to send your money.

    We can only guarantee to transfer through PayPal.



What does it mean Credits Sell Fee?

  • Credits  Sell Fee is a bank transfer administration fee. This fee cover our bank transfer fee. Your actual Credits  Sell Fee depends your actual Membership type. We will use your actual Credits  Sell Fee when you start your withdraw application.
    If you want lower Credits  Sell Fee you need upgrade your Membership subscription before you start your withdraw application form.