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We are happy to present a newly developed system, which allows you to teach and learn, give and get advice or exchange information online, through audio and video calls, at any time of the day. Many of you who start reading this article feel the urge to learn more and more about the world each passing day. But you don't want to spend your best years in a classroom.

  • You want to discover.
  • You want to earn money.
  • You want to meet new people.

You want to know more: languages, special skills, fun facts or whatever you need and if possible, it should be delivered this instant. That's how searching the internet has become part of your daily routine. But it's not fast enough anymore, is it? There are too many options and too little time. It can take days to read through all the recommended sites until you finally get what you were looking for in the first place. Guess what, we came across the same problems and decided to find a solution.It is called PeerLanguage.com.

It may sound a bit surprising first but we often have the experience that internet has become slower than expected. Browsing through pages can be as time-consuming as going to the library. We don't doubt the value of these services, but we are certain that asking the right person can be at times more efficient than the World Wide Web and the archives together. And that is exactly what this new website offers. It gets you connected to the right person. You only have to type a key word in the search box of PeerLanguage.com, the same way as you do with other search engines, and you will straightaway find direct connection to actual people who have expertise in the topic your inquiry relates to. It means you can get practical advice instantly from any registered user, regardless of which corner of the world they live in. Before you get doubtful about the validity of these answers, we’d like to remind you of the fact that you generally refer to most web content as authentic source of information without questioning it for a second. You need to trust the author. It's beyond dispute that the best way of developing trust toward another person is to look into their eyes and see what they reflect. If you join our community, you can start live video conversations with experts of all possible professional fields. Every time you finished a call, you can rate the person who shared his/her knowledge, which might change their popularity scores, so you can help the search system work at its best. The most recommended experts will always be on top of the results list.

But what really makes it a novel adventure is that you'll find out how you can also be the right person for others' searches. What’s more, it doesn't have to be free advice. It can help you earn some extra for something you already know. You can be mentoring and being mentored at the same time. Each of us knows something that is worth sharing with others. It can be business advice, fashion, healthy diet and gardening tips, or whatever else you are good at. There are endless possibilities. Do you know how to start a blog, what to say to a girl on the first date, where to find the best sale in town? You can now benefit from any of this knowledge exchanging it for something you need. You can choose to offer advice, language knowledge or any other information at a fixed rate that you can adjust separately to each of your skills. It will be then automatically charged per minute. Soon you will realize that your expertise is worth much more than its market price.

Let me remind you of Charles Darwin's famous quote:

It is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

We have to accept that new technologies brought loads of change into our lives. Like it or not, common ways to acquire knowledge also changed. That is exactly how you found this article. We hand you the key to a smooth transition from old practices to new solutions. You may be surprised how much you will enjoy it. Instead of cursing at the machines, learn how to use them as tools for promoting yourself.

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We love that we have English as the standard global language of the internet. It can be a bridge between any two distant cultures. However, we prefer to allow users to use their mother tongue or other popular foreign languages as well. Once you’ve registered, you can set whatever language(s) you want to use to exchange knowledge and the level at which you can understand and perform them. Besides, it is one of our main objectives to help you learn foreign languages. What we really love about modern technology is that it democratizes knowledge. Any place could be your office and any individual could be your colleague. Fixed working hours belong to the past. Stay tuned in the latest developments, use online platforms creatively, never stop being curious about any change, and your knowledge will matter more and more. We have one thing in common for sure: a continuous need to learn something new. If we find a way to collaborate with each other, we can grow into a successful global community. Be honest to yourself. Don't you want to have a direct access to the most up-to-date knowledge base of our times, and show the world what you know?

Start your personal knowledge business right now and learn how to become more valuable to others.

July 21,2016 Janos