New Way to Start Your Language Exchange Experience

Language Exchange is almost the best way to develop your language (It has million names like conversation exchange, chat exchange or speaking exchange, international pen pals). Its main idea is to practice with someone who fluently speaks or learn the same language that you are learning.

Language Exchange is a fantastic idea for language learners. You can study and practice a foreign language and make friends at the same time! Real people make the best learning partners. Native or non-native speaker, doesn`t matter. Most learners’ goal is to become able to communicate with people from all over the world. Once you get started, you make many new friends who want to talk to you every day! What is the better language practice than communicate with your international buddies? This is a similar way how babies learn to talk.

The Internet has removed borders and spending time with native speakers or another student is one of the best ways of developing your language skills.

The Peer Language digital language exchange solution is finding your perfect language exchange partners for you. International language learners are able to share their own language tips for you. You can improve your language skills online very easily and for free through our website integrated Video Chat system. With video chat streaming through our website you don't need to give any personal data. Real-time translation can translate live chats so that Peers from all over the globe can interact without a glitch. Our Video Chat System includes almost everything that helps you improve your language skills or just talk with your international buddies. You can chat or make calls (audio and video) directly from your browser.

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Some of our fantastic features:

Real-time Translation: Real-time translations translate live chats so you can chat language learners from all over the globe without any frustration.

Screen Sharing: You make a presentation or show some pictures from your computer without having to actually send them.

Collaborate: Our integrated whiteboard can add loads of colours to your conversations and show your professional side. Sketch out your ideas or just explain your stories. Collaborate has deleted the online conversation borders, you will find yourself in something like a real life situation, thanks to real-time Whiteboard options.

File sharing, games, broadcast and much more. Discover these functions here, and make an unforgettable conversation with your virtual classmates.

Worldwide language exchange community is really noisy. Just check the internet search or the paid articles like similar titles:

  • Best language exchange sites
  • Top international pen pal websites
  • Online language learn
  • Language learning methods online
  • And so on

But how do you do that? These articles show your best options or just the author's personal opinion. Our rating system shows real feedback. After every live video chat communication the partners can rate each other, so you are sure that it is not just another fake or paid feedback. Don't you believe me? Call the people who have left the feedback and ask them. Do you need better evidence like a real person’s opinion?

Find your perfect language partners and connect with millions of other language students to learn and exchange languages together.

You can easily find the right language exchange partners, just share your interests and passions. Complete more and more information in your profile section and our search engine algorithm will find you the best online members. We give a complete system. If you want you can make money when you help improve somebody’s language skill (or any another skills).

Discover how it works here.

July 26,2016 Janos

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