Improve Your Value

Consulting and tutoring services have become a global industry that is now worth billions of dollars, and more and more of it is being taken over by online platforms. There is a growing number of people who understand and take advantage of the benefits of online solutions, which can have multiple reasons. One of the most important factors is that it is time- and cost-effective on both sides.

It requires no investment other than a good laptop and a strong WI-FI signal, while any traditional business needs a start-up capital.

Secondly, many of us find it inviting how an online business lets us work: being location independent, and being able to work anywhere in the world. Thirdly, we all want to get the most relevant information time- and cost-effectively, or both ready-made and personalized solutions on the instant. That is exactly why this industry of consulting and tutoring is growing steadily and becoming a more and more independent online market.

How to become more and more valuable in this market?

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Stay Active, Stay Online

When someone needs advice or information, they need it immediately. Their main ambition is always to find the best and most valuable solution. They will choose the one that offers something useful faster than others. If you are not active online, you probably won't be chosen, and will miss the chance to expand your business, and consequently, your business will fail to prosper. Your personal value (and hourly rate) will skyrocket only if you become seen by more and more people, so you have to go online and stay available all the time from now on.

Build Your Customer Base

Waiting for others to find you is not enough. Build connections to others: use their services, some of which are offered for free anyway. These are great opportunities to develop new relationships: even a short video chat can be a foundation of a future business deal. Most of us prefer to choose someone to do business with who we've had known from before.

Add #keywords

The more (and more relevant) keywords you add to your profile, the more possible others will get to you. Traditional search engines will also find you faster if your Business Cards include a proper description and relevant keywords.

A Business Card is a subpage created to promote one of your specific areas of expertise. You can add an unlimited number of these to your profile

Become a Multilingual Talent

You can increase your market potential by providing services in different languages. Set up your Business Cards in all the languages you speak, and use keywords of the given language for each new card. Your personal value has already gone higher in the international market, so the value of your business has increased too.

Use Your Interests

What topics do you have knowledge about? Which of your hobbies do you prefer to talk about? What do you like to do in your free time? What are you good at? Think out of the box! If you have the answers to these questions, create as many business cards as you want, and add the best keywords, always in the chosen language of the card. Do personalization: add pictures, short videos, or even ready to deploy BC (Business Catalyst) templates, which can also be modified.

Marketing, Marketing & Marketing

Let the world know what you are really good at! Become more and more valuable to others! With the built-in share feature, you can invite your friends, and share your Business Cards easily.

Make Yourself Accessible to Groups

Start new topics particularly for groups. The same interaction with several people per unit of time will generate more revenue for your business.

Be Interactive

Give interactive and fun-packed video chat sessions. You are welcome to use the many options belonging to our integrated video chat: whiteboard, collaborate document, file share, integrated chat translate, screen share. Come and explore further features for free to boost interactivity and make communication fun.

Repeat It All From The Beginning

Keep repeating these steps until you reach the goals you set, and the hourly rate you are happy with.

The hourly rate of consulting and tutoring varies greatly, but let us remind you that some business lecturers who can earn more than $1 million per hour also started with building their personal value step by step.

Warren Buffet was once paid nearly 3.5 million dollars for having lunch with the highest bidder, and he is not the only one who could reach extreme success through giving advice. Other famous examples include motivational speaker Tony Robbins, and businessman /politician Donald Trump, who can also charge a presentation almost as high as they want.

Believe it or not, they started from the same place where you are now, and they did what it took to build up their personal value. Technological development changes our lives faster than ever. What seemed impossible before will become part of everyday routine soon. For example, modern technology will make differences between face to face and online consulting disappear. Start to build your personal value today, because it won't take long that only a handshake will separate real life from online reality.

Or not even that?

July 23,2016 Janos