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Interactive knowledge exchange is the future's solution how to upgrade online search. Instead of the traditional way of finding a list of static websites, you can now receive immediate answers from a real person to that exact question, piece of information, or any kind of knowledge that you are looking for. Not only do you save much time this way, but you can also get a new perspective of someone with a different experience background on the wanted information.

You only have to type a key word in the search box of, the same way as you do with other search engines, and you will straightaway find direct connection to actual people who have expertise in the topic your inquiry relates to. It means you can get practical advice instantly from any registered user, regardless of which corner of the world they live in. After each video chat, you are encouraged to rate the person who helped answer your questions, so your feedback becomes part of an effective rating system, which will always put the best experts on top of the results list.

Are you also an expert, or do you have knowledge and strong opinion on certain topics?

If you receive audio and video calls from users of the website, you will get paid promptly for them on the basis of your freely set rate. Create one or more subpages for your own so-called business cards and that can be personalized. Customized hourly rates, topics, and illustrations can let other members of any language find you easily. We create your business cards allowing you to add effective key words so that traditional search engines can find them fast. With the built-in share options you have the additional possibility of sharing your business cards on any social media platform.

You can be mentoring and being mentored at the same time.

Your participation can be either for free or charged per minute. All payments are charged automatically. You only have to set the hourly price, which we will charge per minute and make the amount of money you earned accessible at once. You can also choose to set some free minutes so you can offer a trial period first. We provide it all: built-in video chat, rating system, and a lot of additional features. What we ask you to do is to stay online on the website or download and use the mobile application.

Remember that everybody has some kind of knowledge that is desired by others. It can be career guidance, fashion advice, cooking or gardening tips, and many more. There are endless possibilities. You are free to use your mother tongue exclusively but you can also try giving advice in foreign languages that you want to improve anyway. Stay online, talk to as many people as you can, reach an ever higher popularity ranking.

Your knowledge will matter more and more. Increase your personal value!

July 22,2016 Janos

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