Internet Search Engine Revolution

If you want to make more money, ask yourself:

How can I create more value?

People have problems and desires, just simply give them solutions. Start by asking yourself:

  • What problems do people have?
  • What do people want?

People usually want in their lives: MORE

Happiness, Time, Money, Holiday, Freedom, Peace, Entertainment, Joy, Balance, Fulfillment, Fun, Confidence, Stability, Adventure, Passion, Sleep, And so on

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They want: BETTER

Job, Car, Body, Health, Life, Business, Friendships, Relations, Etc

We can continue all day, every people want more and better something, you need to figure out how you can help them.You can help them, for example, with:

  • How to Stop Being Boring
  • How to start your first business
  • Sexy Body Language
  • You Have 30 Seconds, give an impressive introduction
  • How to Be Memorable
  • How to be the most memorable person in the room.

Yes, I know if you type these words on google you will find at least thousand pages and that’s is the best and worst thing on the internet.You will find a “template” but we are not regular, template people with product serial numbers. We need a concrete, unique solution not a basic how to start pattern.

Connecting Value with a Target Market

Decide what group of people you were going to help. Choose your target market. Who do you want to serve? You can focus on people interested in, like, foreign language exchange, dating advice, making money, forex trade, social marketing, weight loss… just ask yourself repeatedly.

What do people want and how can I create more value for them?

Decide and create the solutions that they needed. Now that you’ve decided who you are going to help—what group of people you will be providing solutions and value for—and you’ve put together this value, now, of course, you need to tell them about it. Which is the easiest free marketing nowadays?

Yes, social media. Have you got any social media account? You can promote yourself immediately. Marketing is simply the process of communicating the benefits of your product to your target market. We have built an integrated social share button in Peer Language, so you can easily share your solution or offer.

Time is the Most Important Thing, Knowledge is the Biggest Power!

What problems do people have? Find out and help them and you will get paid in direct proportion to the value you deliver. Ask yourself: How can I give more “time” for my target market? What is your specific field where you can help them? Find out and tell them. Name it:

  • The property coach for young investors
  • The relationship expert for single business women
  • The life coach for social advertising executives
  • The business adviser for travel agency
  • The wealth coach for UK family
  • Tax advisor for US startup entrepreneur
  • The SEO expert for fitness instructors
  • The marketing guru for rock stars

Who are you? What`s your profession? See yourself as a customer. If you are a nutritionist expert, maybe you've met different situations. You can't give the same advice for all people. Everybody has a different age, weight, sex, life situation, eating habit, goals. Maybe they have diabetes or they are vegetarian. Do you want to give the same advice to them? I don`t think so. Focus on the details, and write an attractive title and description.


Title: Nutritionist expert for vegetarian bodybuilder people with low budget

Description: I'll help you how you can make muscle and continue your vegetarian menu. We will discuss your life situation and figure out how you can achieve your ideal body shape. I`ll analyze your habits and I`ll mercilessly show your weakness. If you get bored with reading the hundreds and thousands of pages with ordinary advice, call me and I give the correct answers like a custom tailored suit.

Use the right keywords and start promoting yourself. Make more and more Peer Language Business Cards.

Personalize your target market and make money for your knowledge.

+1 tip:

You can set whatever language(s) you want to use to exchange knowledge and the level at which you can understand and perform them.

July 25,2016 Janos