Common Interest

Common Interest

We appreciate if you help us! We give you credits or discounts for any help. Plenty of options to choose from. Our common interest to become more Peer member on the site, because may be somebody else invite your future Peer friend for you.

Friends Invitation

Everyone has a time in their life when they need to practice a foreign language. Invite your friends now and in the future constantly, because everyone who registered yourself on the basis of an invitation sent by you, immediately $0.1 means to you. Invite constantly your new friends, acquaintances, workmates, etc as this can also increase that you win our competition to the current Incentive Bonus.

Friends Invitation

About Me Personal Video

The personal video introduction to help for more people to find on you. Watch our sample video, it is about what should be included. If your video meets the following conditions, you will receive an additional $1.

  • The video should sound in it: Exclusively on
  • Share your own profile video link at least one of your any social media. 


Service Fee Discount 

Each month will be calculated based on the previous month's activity. The basic service fee depends for your membership type. Upgrade your membership and you will enjoy the lower basic service fee. Share your profile link on any popular social media sites and we will reduce your Service Fee 0.2% for the next month. Share on more type of social media and it will reduce additional 0.2%. Do not forget repeat this process every month and you will enjoy the reduced service fee benefits.

Service Fee Discount
Peer Coin Reward for Simple Share

Peer Coin Reward For Simple Share

Share another Members profile, photos, videos and anything where you find a share button on the Site and you'll get Peer Coin. These shares will be checked, so if you used banned tools such as robots, etc you will be banned immediately. Every share means $0.01 for you.

Become Our Partner

If you want promote us such as online or offline, you can connect our Peer Ambassador System. Fill up this form and we will send you more details.

Become Our Partner
Incentive Bonus

Incentive Bonus

Watch newsletters, system notifications and you can see what's our special about the current program, in which you automatically participate as a member but in order to win also become active and increase your chances to win the race.